To the Spiess,
„Family“ stands for support and team spirit
A history of the Inn

Marko proudly acknowledges that without family the country Inn, Zur Post would not be as it is today.

Purchased in 1889 by Georg and Barbara Spiess the inn was part of a big agricultural area of land. Maids and servants were part of the household. The property included a slaughterhouse for the cattle that roamed the property. This was an idyllic place with market gardening, carriages and mail delivered by horse drawn carriage. It was from this setting that the "Country Inn" began for the Spiess family.

In 1938 the property was transferred to the son of Georg and Barbara Spiess, Andreas and his wife Emma.

In 1968 their son Karl and his wife Helga became owners. Karl and Helga have 3 children, Marko, Erika and Traude.

In 2004 the property was passed down to Marko. Marko will tell you that his business objective at that time was to focus on the combination of gastronomy and local traditions. 

According to Marko, "Since the beginning we have changed a lot. However, the soul of the "Post" has never changed. Together with my wife Angelika, my sisters Erika and Traude, and of course my parents, no effort is too hard."

Today Marko Spiess is the proud father of 3 pretty girls. Alina the eldest at 14 years old is a "quick-witted pub talent." Nora, age 13 and Laura age 10 are often seen around the Inn and are favorites of many guests.

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